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Local to Greenwood, Whiteland, New Whiteland, Bargersville, Shelbyville, Indianapolis, Southport, Franklin – see location



When you buy product at Taylor’s Farm Market you are buying food grown locally and in season.  This means the carbon emissions used to get it from the ground to your kitchen is significantly less.

Not only does this make our green earth happy but using less gas means lower costs for you.

We start with fresh strawberries and in the fall we will feature pumpkins, gourds, squirrel corn and straw.

We add NEW ITEMS each year, so come and check us out!






Roasted peaches from the market for desert! So easy and DELISH! ... See MoreSee Less

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Taylor's Farm Market changed their profile picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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We have local honey again! It will go quickly as it has in the past! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are thrilled to share that the new Greenwood Earth Fare Store has chosen us as a local produce vendor! If you have not checked out this store you should visit soon!

No worries, you can still visit our market as usual!!!

Thank you for all your support over the years! We appreciate it so very much! Remember, our sweet corn special continues through today for your freezer corn at $3.00 a dozen!
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Many have asked how to freeze corn and this seems to be the simplest way and how we do it. It's so worth it!

To freeze corn you have to shuck it and remove as many silks as you can. Blanch in boiling water for a few minutes and then put in a sink with cold water and ice! After it's cooled cut kernels off the cob and bag however much you think your family will eat in freezer bags! Usually a full quart size freezer bag feeds my family of six. So easy! Cut the kernels off with a good knife onto a baking sheet to keep it from being a huge mess. This also makes it easier to scoop! Make sure to squeeze out access air and try not to get the zip wet! Lay flat to freeze and try not to stack on top of each other for even freezing! When it's all frozen you can stack it anyway it fits! To eat just thaw it out, put in saucepan, add butter/salt if you'd like and eat when warm! Delicious!!!

Anyone who has any suggestions feel free to share them on here!

One year a lady told us that she used her dishwasher to steam the corn and then cut it off! Might be messy, but hey whatever works!!!
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